Money must be found for new Sallins bridge

Pedestrian only bridge would enhance safety for children

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Money must be found for new Sallins bridge

Bridge would make it easier for children to get to school

A call has been made to provide a bridge for pedestrian use only spanning the Grand Canal in Sallins.

It’s been made by Independent councillor Sorcha O’Neill.

She wants Kildare County council to liaise with Offaly county council, which provided similar strictures across the same waterway in Tullamore.

She wants KCC to get details about the process involved in launching a similar project as well as the costs involved “with a view to preparing quotations for (a similar) bridge at Sallins national school.”

According to Cllr O’Neill the need for a bridge is acknowledged in the development plan covering the Sallins area.

“The residents of Sallins and in particular parents of Sallins National school pupils have been calling for a pedestrian bridge over the Canal near the school for some time. In fact, from long before I was elected,” she told the Leader.

She added: “the bridge in place now is very narrow and downright frightening if you are a child or vulnerable road user. So far, the council has no immediate plans to fulfil this need and I am frustrated with the lack of progress on any requests for Sallins area.”

She said that Tullamore has a number of pedestrian bridges over the canal near the town centre and property tax revenue should be used to provide one in Sallins — with the agreement of the other councillors representing the area.

“For too long, Sallins has taken the burden of more and more housing, increased population and traffic and received no new infrastructure to cope with the rapid expansion,” she added, “They have received none of the benefits of all these developments.

“Development levies collected from Salllins projects have gone elsewhere in the county.”