Clane businessman says Council need new plan for future snow crisis'

Equipment knowledge is key

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Clane businessman says Council need new plan for future snow crisis'

Ted Murray (left) and Phil McCormack

“I would have felt there was a lack of an overall plan,” said Clane businessman, Phil McCormack when he spoke to the Leader about the recent big snow.

Ted Murray, from the Clane Project Centre, which rents out commercial properties to numerous businesses, said that he believes that Phil McCormack, whose machinery company operates from the business park, is one person who is to be thanked for his work during the weather crisis at the start of March.

Mr McCormack, a former chairman of Clane Community Council, used one of his large Chinese imported machines helped to clear much of Clane.

Mr Murray said many would not have gotten to work in the business park, if not for Mr McCormack, and felt some took him for granted.

Mr McCormack said he understood that such a weather event is a once off, but he felt there is a lack of an overall plan for such conditions.

The businessman, who stressed that he was paid by the Council, said the snow ploughs used initially by others were “basically useless”. He recalled taking three hours to travel 300 yards with a 20 tonne shovel.

He said the Council will need to have information about who has what equipment to prepare for future snow falls.

Mr McCormack took on much work as a volunteer and says that most people were generous afterwards to pay them for their time and efforts. “We were lucky to have that machine, an XCMG wheel loader in stock,” he said.