Plans being made for Brannockstown school's future

Three interested patrons

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Plans being made for Brannockstown school's future

Brannoxtown National School

A new school seems certain to rise from the ashes of the closure of Brannoxtown national school, writes Paul O’Meara.

A meeting on April 18, called by the local action group (Save Our School Brannoxtown) which is keen to see a new school open, was attended by a number of parents.

It is understood that the new school will be operated by the Kildare Wicklow Education and Training Board or will be a Gaelscoil initiative or an Educate Together school. It is likely now that an open evening will take place aimed at establishing the level of interest from these organisations about opening a school in Brannockstown.

Brannoxtown NS once had some 80 plus pupils but by the time the Archbishop of Dublin made the decision to effectively close the facility, the pupil population had fallen to three.

The Department of Education will now oversee the future of the school an d will seek to confirm the level of interest among potential patrons.

While the students who left Brannoxtown to enrol in other school sin the area are welcome to return to the new school, it is expected that most will remain where they are.

Therefore most of the pupil population will enter as junior infants.

Last week’s public meeting decided to invite the three educational bodies to an open day to discus their proposals for the new school and how it would be run. This will likely take place before the end of May but this is unconfirmed and a date for the meeting has yet to be finalised. The archdiocese of Dublin confirmed the closure of the primary school in Brannockstown two weeks ago.

The school effectively closed for the first time in over 133 some four months ago, after the last remaining three pupils left six months ago. Save Our School Brannoxtown had highlighted the decline in pupil numbers - which it said fell from 87 in 2011 to none by last December.

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