Night in memory of Maxine Maguire from Newbridge

Fundraiser for better mental health services

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Night in memory of Maxine Maguire from Newbridge

The late Maxine Maguire

A Night in Memory of the late Maxine Maguire will be held in Newbridge this Saturday, April 21. 

Organised by her friend, Lucy Coogan, the event aims to celebrate the Newbridge woman’s life and her favourite music while also raising funds for better mental health services. 

Maxine’s mum, Kathy has also set up a go fund me page to campaign for better mental health services. 

“Maxine was beautiful, both inside and out. She was a very educated woman and after completing her honours degree from Maynooth University, she was studying for her MA(Masters) in Child Youth & Family studies - Maxine really wanted to help people," she said.

“Suicide is all too common now and yet is still not treated with the importance it needs, playing second priority to physical illness despite it being oftentimes more crippling and dangerous than a physical one. The government needs to listen, act and bring the mental health service up to date."

Kathy concluded; “Our community and other communities all over Ireland have been tragically affected by suicide and too many young lives not given enough of the right help to keep living. Please join us and say enough. We want effective and life-saving mental health services.”

All proceeds from this Saturday night will go towards efforts to make changes to the way mental health emergencies are handled in Irish Hospitals.

DJ DEECE will be playing anything and everything from R&B/Hip-Hop to Disco/House from 10pm at the Bru House. Admission €10.

People can buy tickets online in advance by clicking here, or at the door.