Dog fouling in Naas is a worsening problem

Resident and councillor mark dog faeces in residential area

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Dog fouling in Naas is a worsening problem

Areas where dog dirt was left behind were marked in Esmondale

Dog fouling is a growing problem in Naas and one local councillor took to marking out the locations of dog dirt in the green area in Esmondale.

Cllr Sorcha O’Neill said she ran out of flags “having only covered a quarter of the area”.

She added: “It’s beyond an annoyance now, it’s a health hazard. As a dog owner myself, I am ashamed of this as it creates a perception that all dog owners and dogs are a nuisance. I can only walk the area myself in wellies which have to be hosed down every time I return from a walk because there is usually excrement on them.”

Cllr O’Neill said while some owners are unaware that their dogs are causing a mess others just don’t seem to care.

She says she hopes that highlighting the extent of the problem will make people think about it.

“It’s not fair to all the children that can no longer use the field and it’s a health hazard at this stage.”

Earlier this year Kildare County Council launched a campaign to tackle dog fouling in public areas.

It includes extra signs encouraging people not to leave dog dirt behind them

A year ago, another councillor, Carmel Kelly claimed that dog faeces is left on the streets of Naas for “three or four days”.

KCC has insisted that dog fouling is tackled as part of the street cleaning operations, though in January it acknowledged that the problem has worsened in the last few years for residents associations and community groups, including Tidy Towns groups. KCC also says members of the public should report incidents of dog fouling using the local authority’s dedicated litter freephone number, 1800 243143, pointing out it’s the legal responsibility of a person in charge of a dog to properly dispose of a dog waste in a suitably sanitary manner.