Tributes paid to Kildare County Council official Mary Landers


Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Tributes paid to Kildare County Council official Mary Landers

The late Mary Landers

Tributes have been paid at Kildare County Council staff member, Mary Landers, who played a key role in social housing at the Council over many years.

Mary Keane (nee Landers), from Grangemore, Kilcullen, passed away at St Brigid’s Hospice, Moore Abbey, on March 10.

At the Council’s monthly meeting on March 26, staff and elected councillors paid tribute to her role, particularly in housing.

Cllr Sean Power said Ms Landers had worked in the Council’s housing section for many years.

“She never led you up the garden path. She was always honest and extremely helpful,” he said, sending condolences to her family.

He said they were all thinking of her and her family at this time.

Cllr Brendan Weld said Ms Landers was “very helpful” in her housing role and said the family involved in Irish dancing and music.

Cllr Padraig McEvoy said sometimes the work of people on the Council went unnoticed.

Of her he said: “She had a strategy and worked with people and got business done.”

Cllr Mark Wall said she had made an “immense” contribution to housing in Kildare, influencing the lives of thousands of people.

He said for her it was important to find solutions to problems rather than making matters worse.

Chief Executive, Peter Carey, said: “Mary was an institution. She gave sterling service for a long number of years.”

Mayor of Kildare, Cllr Martin Miley, said with former staff member, Charlie Talbot, Mary was one of the most famous names in Kildare County Council.

“Mary was the one to go to,” he said of the housing brief.

The members of Kildare County Council sent their condolences to her family: her husband, Billy Keane, and son Jeff, her parents, Lizzie and Tom, her sisters, Jenny and Kathleen, her brothers Seán, Gerard and Michael.

Cllr Weld also recalled for members the death of Sally Sheridan, the wife of former county councillor, P.J. Sheridan.

The members sent their condolences to the Sheridan family.