Sallins snail farm and house appeal is turned down

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Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Sallins snail farm and house appeal is turned down

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The planning appeals board has rejected an appeal against Kildare County Council’s decision to refuse permission for a house and a snail farm at Daars, Sallins.

Applicants Aidan and Loretta Damer wanted to build a one and half storey low energy passive hose and garage as well as a snail farm occupying 4,000 square metres, an agricultural shed and a polytunnel.

The application included a business plan to establish a heliculture establishment (snail farm) called ‘Shamrock Escargot’ at the site, with the intention of developing snail-based products including meat, caviar and “slime secretion”.

An Bord Pleanála said the site area in question is in a rural housing policy zone.

“It’s considered that the pattern of in the area demonstrates pressure for housing which is cumulatively eroding the rural character of the area,” it noted.

ABP also said that the site is in an area characterised by very poor soil drainage characteristics with resultant pressure on water resources.

It concluded that the plan did not come within the scope of the Kildare County Development Plan’s criteria for a house at this location.

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