Kildare Animal Foundation welcome orphaned newborn foxes

Five cubs were born

Dan Donoher


Dan Donoher


Kildare Animal Foundation welcome orphaned newborn foxes

One of the young rescue foxes being hand-reared at Kildare Animal Foundation

Late last Monday night, as the snow was thawing across the country, we received a call about a fox looking dazed and staggering beside Sandyford National School in Dublin. 

When it was noticed that the vixen was in fact having great difficult giving birth, word spread among our network of wildlife rehabbers. Two young veterinary nurses attached to Botanic vets in Glasnevin left their warm homes at close to midnight and opened the clinic to administer the emergency help required.

On examination, the young nurses Amy and Laura found a large cub obstructing the birth canal. The young vixen was given drugs to help her along. 

The cub that was blocking the way was born soon after and she was alive. 

When the first cub was born alive, we could not believe it. Such hope ensued. Then, along came four more cubs in time. 

Sadly, the fifth was stillborn but at least his siblings were strong. 

However, their mother remained exhausted and very weak. 

The dedicated nurses battled to save her life, but she soon lost her fight. She had brought new life and new hope into the world. It is such a pity that she could not have lived to raise them.

Now the enormous and time-consuming task begins with the new born cubs needing feeding every two hours around the clock. 

The cubs were spilt into two pairs. Aideen and I took two each. 

It’s so difficult rearing wildlife so sharing the work load is always better. 

We know we have a long road ahead, but with our experience and knowledge we hope to get them through the most precious few weeks. 

We are so lucky to have great people helping animals when they need us most. 

If you would like to help towards the care of our four orphaned fox cubs, then please send a donation of your choice to our PayPal 

Your support is very much appreciated.

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