Progress on reconnecting Coughlanstown Rd to Ballymore as residents meet Kildare County Council

Heydon organised meeting

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Restoration of Coughlanstown Road at Ballymore

L6048 Coughlanstown Road has been closed for months

Kildare South TD Martin Heydon, last week organised another meeting between residents of Coughlanstown Road and Kildare County Council officials to discuss the progress being made on the road issue.

The Coughlanstown Road has been closed for months now and the aim is to reconnect the road with Ballymore Eustace. 

 Dep Heydon said; “The project team are in the process of finalising the appointment of a consultant, this should be completed by the end of next week. Once the consultant is appointed, they and Kildare County Council will take the project through the eight phases (0-7) which all such road projects have to go through. 

“The actual construction of the chosen option will depend on funding; however, the Council are confident that the initial cost up to and including the design phase (circa €500,000) will be covered from the council's own emergency budget. The project will have to comply with normal statutory procedures and the requirements of the Public Spending Code." 

He said Phase 1 will be the programme overview and feasibility scheme and this will advise the Council on financing the project.

"Phase 2 will be option selection with a report on this phase being submitted to the Department of Transport. Phase 3 is planning and design, during this phase a public consultation will take place and residents will be able to make submissions on the design. Phase 4 will be the statutory processes. Phase 5 will be the preparation of construction documents, the tender process and the awarding of the tender. Phase 6 will be the construction of the road. And finally, phase 7 will be the handover and a review of the project," he said.

“While I understand the time, it has taken to get to this point is frustrating I am glad that we are finally in a process to decide what the best option is to reconnect Coughlanstown directly with Ballymore Eustace. This process will also give us a firm costing to go to the Department of Transport with.”

Dep Heydon said he has arranged for a follow up meeting with residents, the new consultants and the council to take place in about three months time to receive an update on progress of the project from the consultant.

"In the meantime, my focus is on seeking improvements to the diversion route which Coughlanstown residents have to use that is in poor repair, due to the additional traffic volumes," he added.