New wheelchair bus on way for Clane centre

John Sullivan Resource and Outreach Service

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


New wheelchair bus on way for Clane centre

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The John Sullivan Resource & Outreach Service at Ballinagappa Road, Clane, hopes to have its new bus available this month or next.

Helen O’Connor, Service Coordinator at the Centre, said that last they had fundraised €37,915.79.

They ordered the new small bus and and hoped to have it this month or next “It has been a great achievement and a lot of hard work by members and some members families and staff,” said Helen.

At the moment four buses make up the bus fleet that operate from the Centre.

Everyday three buses collect people living with a mobility difficulties in north Kildare.

The centre offers a social service that offers choices and options to enhance people lives.

On average 18-25 people attend on a daily basis.

Without the buses many people would not be able to come into the Centre. Three years they started to fundraise to replace the 2001 Transit. bus.