Kildare judge says school alcohol education needed after hearing of drink fueled garda chase

'Advice should be given to children at primary school about dangers of alcohol abuse'

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Kildare judge says school alcohol education needed after hearing of drink fueled garda chase

Naas courthouse

More attention needs to be paid to educating children about alcohol at primary school level, a District Court judge has said.

Judge Desmond Zaidan was speaking at Kilcock District Court in Naas on February 20 during a resumed hearing about a former builder who pleaded guilty to a number of dangerous driving offences in a Garda car chase around Kildare and Meath in 2015.

Patrick White, of Ferrans Lock, Coole, Co Meath, was has been banned for driving for six year for dangerous driving. He was also fined €1,000 for the offence, as well as €1,000 and a concurrent six year ban for drink driving on both charges.

He had an alcohol problem, the Court heard.

Commenting on the case, Judge Zaidan said there needed to be more money spent on giving advice given to children at primary school level about the danger of alcohol abuse.

He said there was a lot of attention paid to aspects of sexual life.

“There is a lot of birds and bees but nothing else,” he said.

Mr White was given a concurrent six year driving ban on the drink driving charge.

The Court had previously heard evidence on 24 separate charges involving a car chase in which a Garda patrol car and another vehicle were damaged.

On October 16 2015, Gardai were operating a roadside check at 11.35pm when they came across a jeep which turned around and left the scene. It drove dangerously at a number of locations in the Kilcock, Moynalvey and Jenkinstown area where it eventually crashed into a fence.

Mr White was arrested. The chase lasted for an hour and five minutes. At one point, the Court heard, Mr White stopped after Gardai tried to slow him down and stop him but he reversed into the patrol car and then took off again.

The judge referred him to the Probation Welfare  Services for a

detailed report, including a medical one.  

He had given an 182mg blood urine reading on October 16 2015. He adjourned the case to February 20 at Kilcock District Court sitting in Naas for the preparation of the report.

Mr White, who was remanded in custody for a brief period at the time had eleven previous convictions and was disqualified from driving for six years in 2008 following a two year disqualification for driving without insurance in 2003. David Powderly, solicitor, said his client recalled “little enough” about the October 16 events.

On February 20, the Court was told that Mr While had paid over €5,000 to the State, including €1,900 to the Garda Benevolent Fund and €1,500 for damage to the patrol car.