Kildare Animal Foundation: Forever home for two abandoned dogs

Rescue dogs find new owner

Dan Donoher


Dan Donoher


Kildare Animal Foundation: Forever home for two abandoned dogs

Velda and Simon's new owner Mark sent Kildare Animal Foundation this photo of the dogs enjoying their new home and new companion

In last week’s piece, I wrote about how we will give animals as long as they need to get better, both physically and emotionally, once they have been rescued by the shelter. 

There comes a point, though, when we have taken them so far at the Foundation, and they need to start the next journey in their lives. 

Some dogs will need the work we have done to continue, and their new owners will have to agree to do so. 

One such owner was Mark. He had found an injured bird and no one locally could help him, so he made the journey to Kildare.

While here, he had a look around and fell in love with Velda. The little dog had arrived into our care in very bad shape. 

She was so scared. She would just run and run and run to get away from you. 

We kept her in a room in the house. Volunteers would go in and spend time with her each day and build up her trust.

Slowly she would show some progress. We then introduced her to Molly. 

Molly then became Velda’s special friend and would follow her everywhere. Molly showed her that not all humans were bad.

Months and months went by trying to win Velda around and we did make a lot of progress with her. 

When Velda went home with Mark a few weeks after their first interaction, we were all overjoyed. Mark would give us regular updates on the progress she was making. 

She was coming out of her shell even more and just adored him. A couple of months after Velda’s adoption, Mark arrived back at the shelter, this time on the lookout for another little dog to welcome into his loving and caring home.

Simon, a little terrier won his heart. Simon was with us for a few years. He arrived at the shelter with his brother after they were dumped. Both extremely nervous.

Both Velda and Simon went through a lot before arriving at the Foundation, and they might never truly get over the let-down that their previous owners had given them, but with Mark they feel comfortable, they feel loved and they feel wanted. 

He sent us this picture above the other day. He says it all really. Happy and content dogs with a wonderful person who they can call their friend. 

Chinese New Year — The Year of the Dog

A health and wellness festival will take place at the Town House hotel in Naas on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 February from 10am to 5pm to celebrate the Chinese New Year. 

There will be plenty of talks and activities held over the weekend including tea ceremonies, Chinese culture and medicines, crafts, Tai Chi and Qigong.

A raffle will take place in aid of the Kildare Animal Foundation. It’s the first such festive to be held in the town. For more info please contact Lara on 087 1831432.