KCC are not responsible for gritting footpaths in Naas

Icy surfaces

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara



KCC are not responsible for gritting footpaths in Naas

Soldiers clear the paths back in 2010

Kildare County Council has no responsibility to grit footpaths in Naas to keep them free of ice and snow.

The local authority has a comprehensive gritting plan to tackle the dangers presented by freezing and wintry weather conditions but the salting of roads is generally confined to the principal routes and the policy is to keep these free from ice and open to traffic at all times.

KCC’s second priority is all national primary routes and national secondary routes followed by all regional roads and public transport routes.

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Its policy requests the business sector to “assist efforts in periods of severe weather by clearing snow and ice form footpaths in from of their premises.”

Independent councillor Sorcha O’Neill said KCC should clear footpaths in Naas. “If I was a business owner I’d feel hard done if I have to do it because I have to pay rates,” she told a recent Naas Municipal District meeting. KCC official Sonya Kavanagh said that while the council have cleared footpaths on occasion, it’s not obliged to do so.