Fund for Caragh family of Polish mountaineer approaching €140k

Tomasz Mackiewicz became incapacitated during bad weather on notorious 'killer mountain'

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


Fund for Caragh family of Polish mountaineer approaching €140k

Tomazc Mackiewicz with his three children

A GoFundMe appeal in the name of Tomasz "Czapa" Mackiewicz, a Caragh resident who lost his life in Pakistan on Sunday is approaching €140,000, raised by more than 6,000 donors in five days.

The appeal, which has reached €138,442 was initially launched to fund a rescue mission for the Polish native who has been living in Kildare for some time. The father-of-three fell ill descending a Pakistan mountain as a result of adverse weather conditions. It’s reported the 43 year old became snowblind and suffered serious frostbite on the way down from the summit on Nanga Parbat, also known as ‘Killer Mountain’.

His climbing partner, French woman Elisabeth Revol, managed to contact a Polish rescue team, who tried to help Mr. Mackiewicz on Sunday January 28, but were forced to stop the search due to harsh weather conditions.

The climbing community helped raised funds necessary to pay for the rescue helicopters that ultimately saved the life of Ms Revolon on January 28. She has serious frostbite that may require some amputations. Mr Mackiewicz was in a critical condition at 7.300m on the morning of January 26, and was unable to descend any lower. And a mission to rescue him had to turn back as conditions worsened.

Mr Mackiewicz and his French climbing partner Elisabeth Revol.

As time passes the chances of finding Mr Mackiewicz alive have faded and the attention of fundraising has turned to his three children and his wife Anna Antonina.

To donate to the fund, click here.

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