Dáil answer shows Clane Gardai drop


Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress



Dáil answer shows Clane Gardai drop

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A recent Dáil question has highlighted the drop in Garda numbers allocated to Clane garda station, and indeed other stations in the county.

The Minister for Justice was asked about the numbers of Garda assigned to each station in the county from 2010 to last year and if the Minister would make a statement on the matter.

He was informed, as is usual in these matters, that numbers are a matter for the Garda Commissioner, not the Minister. But did say that 31 civilians and 20 reserves were added to the 352 Gardai recorded in 2017, up from 323 in 2010.

In Clane, in the Naas Garda District, there were 10 Gardai in 2010 and 11 in 2009, nine in 2012 and eight in 2013. In 2014, the number dropped to seven, where it remains.

Nearby Robertstown had five Gardai in 2010 ands this fell to two in 2017. In Carbury, the number jumped from 4 to 7 over the same period and in Naas from 101 to 115.

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