Parking places will be lost to Kill Johnstown cycleway scheme

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Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Parking places will be lost to Kill Johnstown cycleway scheme

File photo: Kill

Cyclists will have to the use the footpaths and the street along small sections of the planned cycleway between Johnstown and Kill.

The plan will mean the loss of eight car parking spaces.

The Naas to Kill cycleway scheme, as it is known, is a plan to up upgrade nearly three miles of roadway between the Big Ball scuplture and Kill, via Johnstown, and finishing up at the primary school in Kill.

The scheme will see pedestrians and cyclists share sections of the route. Some 850 metres from the outskirts of Naas to Johnstown will be shared use — but with improvements to signs, surfacing and lighting.

In Johnstown, it is proposed to implement a speed management system and traffic calming measures.

Kildare County Council say this will “facilitate a self regulating 30kph speed limit to allow a shared street mixed traffic regime wherein cyclists will cycle on the street.”

It is also planned to remove two parking spaces in Johnstown in order to create a pedestrian crossing.

The section of the scheme between Johnstown and Kill consists of a little over a mile of shared pedestrian and cycle path.

Speed management and traffic calming measures are proposed for Kill also.

There will also be a self regulating 30kph speed limit which will facilitate a shared regime with cyclists on the street. It is planned to provide an off-road shared path pedestrian and cycle provision within the village for use by vulnerable cyclists.

And this will be achieved by upgrading the existing footpath and making alterations to some of the kerbs.