Council tackle bonfire clean-up at Dara Park, Newbridge

Debris from Halloween

Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


Council tackle bonfire clean-up at Dara Park, Newbridge

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Kildare County Council has said a bonfire clean-up operation near Dara Park, Newbridge has now gotten underway.

At the Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District meeting on Wednesday, January 17, Cllr Sean Power asked the council what their policy is in relation to cleaning up after bonfires.

He also asked why it has taken so long to clean up after the Hallowe’en bonfire.

He said it is such an eye-sore and that neighbours are paying the price for it.

A report issued at the meeting said; “The Parks Section was only made aware of the bonfire prior to the Christmas break and was unable to organise a contractor to carry out the work. This has now been done and the bonfire will be removed week starting 15 January 2018.”

It continued: “However it should be noted that bonfires are illegal and those responsible for it should be accountable for the damage and subsequent clean up not Kildare County Council.”

The conciil added; “It is hoped that local residents who are seeking the clean up will be as attentive in identifying in future those responsible for any future bonfires so they can be made accountable for illegally dumping and burning material and the subsequent clean up.”