A row is brewing over parking rules in Naas

Private car parking management company

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara



A row is brewing over parking rules in Naas

File photo: Naas

There is simmering dissatisfaction over the appointment of Apcoa, the private car parking management company, to administer parking rules in Naas.

There were some complaints from councillors that there was inadequate consultation over the deployment of new wardens, not employed by the local authority.

Now Naas politician Seamie Moore is seeking proof that the new contracted service did not require the approval of the councillors representing Naas.

At a meeting of the Naas Municipal District last Wednesday, he was due to seek proof that the abolition of the previous in house system (is community wardens) also did not require the consent of the councillors. He is also asking why the “issuing of all offence infringement charges can’t be suspended until the matter is clarified to the satisfaction of the elected members”.

Separately Cllr Carmel Kelly wants to have signs erected at South Main Street (near Material World) “to inform drivers that incorrect parking will be penalised.”

This is reference to the issuing of tickets to drivers who park nose in to the kerb rather than parallel to the footpath. Previously either method was acceptable but tickets are now being issued to motorists who don’t park parallel with the kerb.