Festive rescues at the Kildare Animal Foundation

Ruby and Lily are looking for forever homes

Dan Donoher


Dan Donoher



Festive rescues at the Kildare shelter

Ruby and Lily were surrendered to the Kildare Animal Foundation after Christmas

I hope you all had a very peaceful Christmas and I wish you and your families all the best for 2018. Thank you for following my column and supporting our shelter.

Our Christmas was like any other day, the animals still need to be cleaned, fed and cared for. The volunteers were just wonderful and turned up to help.

Our shelter is a busy one and has lots going on. We hope in 2018 to build up our team of volunteers to move forward with the work that we are doing.

We will be launching a drive for more help in the coming weeks. Do keep an eye out to see if you are interested.

One of the many animals that we took in over the holiday period was a young swan.

The female, about a year old, was found opposite the Garda station in Clontarf. She had been attacked by dogs and was in bad shape.

It would be an hour before our closest volunteer could get there, so with advice from one of our volunteers, one the Gardaí took on the challenge of rescuing the very distressed bird.

She was then rushed to Botanic Vets for urgent treatment. The swan had to have a wound cleaned and stapled, and was then brought to the shelter.

After a week of medication and wonderful care, she was rechecked by the vets and was given the all clear. So, off back to Clontarf she went, to be released by our volunteers, the Gardaí and members of the public.

It was such a sight to see her take flight and land so gracefully into the water again. It brought a tear to the eyes of many there.

It is the whole reason why we do wildlife work — to get all of the animals back to the wild so they can live a natural life once again…

Ruby & Lily

Little Ruby and Lily were surrendered into our care just after Christmas.

Sadly, their family could no longer care for them and it was for genuine reasons.

They are beautiful little dogs and are believed to be mother and daughter.

Once vaccinated, microchipped and spayed they will be ready for re-homing. We are open daily for anyone who is interested in offering any of our dogs and cats a new home.