'Not consulted' about new Naas parking rules rule changes


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara



'Not consulted' about new Naas parking rules rule changes

File photo: Naas

The deployment of a private contractor to enforce parking rules in Naas has been criticised.

Local councillor Darren Scully said he was “very disappointed” this was done “without any consultation with councillors who represent the area”.

He said this was not discussed and the action is disrespectful to elected politicians.

While he understood the reasons behind the move, there was no consultation and Naas had always had community wardens.

“A private company is only interested in making money and that is their right, but there was no discussion about this transition and how the community wardens would be managed. We were told there would be a discussion, it didn’t happen,” Cllr Scully said.

“We have been completely ignored, the community wardens had a good relationship with the community and there is a fear that this might be lost.”

The lack of consultation was also criticised by veteran Naas politician Seamie Moore.

“There is not much point in us coming here. I can send a rubber stamp in here instead of me. Running the council is not entirely the job of the officials and we should have talked about the winding down of the community wardens, ” he told a Naas Municipal District meeting.

Cllr Moore commented that tickets were being issued to people who parked nose in to the footpath on the Main Street and infringed on the white line of the parking bay — even though this had been the practice and the community wardens would have known this.

“The service has changed and we should have been involved in this.”

Kildare County Council said the councillors requested a review of the bye laws in Naas as well as changes, including the addition of pay parking on Saturdays. The review took place in the context of the retirement of three wardens across the county and a number of queries from County Kildare Chamber.

KCC also said that parking management company Apcoa already provided a contracted service in other towns in the county.