Rathmore girl raises €2k for charity


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara



Rathmore girl raises €2k for charity

Hannagh Sargent with Hugo Jellett, CE of the Jack & Jill Foundation

An 11-year-old girl has raised €2,229 for the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation, based in Johnstown.

Hannah Sargent had 14 inches of her blonde hair cut off and donated to the Rapunzel Foundation and in the process raised the money through sponsorship cards and through using social media.

The Rapunzel Foundation works to improve the lives of those living with hair loss, often as a result of medical conditions, by making special wigs.

The RF is based in Co. Wexford and some of their wigs are for children who suffer with hair loss as a result of illnesses like alopecia areata or cancer.

The foundation uses real hair and it takes 20 pony tail donations to make a wig.

Hannah has two friends who suffer from alopecia areata and that was her main motivation for getting involved in the fundraising. “We set up a fundraising page and brought sponsorship cards into school and the greater Rathmore community helped out as did the school.

“Hannah made the decision hersellf. I thought she might be a bit upset at the outcome when she saw that her hair was gone, she was fine with it,” said her mother Claire.

The family also includes dad Malcolm and siblings Adam (9), Finn (6) Freya (4) .