Pay parking income is expected to rise in Naas

Increased revenue

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Pay parking income is expected to rise in Naas

File photo: parking metre in Naas

Revenue for pay parking in Naas is expected to increase with the introduction of the new pay parking system.

Changes — principally the introduction of a private company (Apcoa) — were made in October. New measures were also introduced because of the planned retirement of wardens this year and a decision by councillor to do away with free Saturday parking. The work done by the community wardens is now being done by Apcoa.

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“The idea is that a dedicated company will have the time and resources to focus on implementing Naas parking bye laws and also upgrading facilities, like providing new payment options that are available in Newbridge.” said Naas Mayor Rob Power.

In 2016 the total amount paid by motorists amounted to €593,000.

Most of this came from money paid into the machines (€513,000) followed by fines (€67,000) and permits (€12,500). Permits entitle residents in certain areas — like St. Ita’s Place — to park using the permit; however the permits which apply to residential areas do not guarantee a parking place to a resident. A 15-minute observation period applies in Naas and all towns. This means that the motorist has 15 minutes to purchase a ticket from a machine and is allowed 15 minutes grace after a purchased ticket has expired.

Contrary to some claims, when fixed charge notices are issued for a breach of the bye-laws, these are placed on the actual vehicle.