Sallins land consultation to take place in mid 2018


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Sallins land consultation to take place in mid 2018

File photo: Sallins train station

It will be at least six months before any progress is made about how to use amenity lands bought by Kildare County Council in Sallins.

The first step will be for KCC to arrange a consultation process which will take account of the views of the community, including sports clubs. Sallins councillor Carmel Kelly asked KCC to “advise on the timeline for the consultation process to begin with the people of Sallins regarding the community lands”.

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According to KCC, it’s hoped to begin an initial consultation in mid-2018.

But this is subject to other planned works being completed and whether there are other works to be done which councillors may want to be “advanced over the Sallins amenity lands”.

A year ago, KCC announced it had bought 48 acres of land, most of which (33 acres) will be used for amenity purposes.

Sallins Community Council chairman Fergus Carpenter has criticised the delay saying that while there was relief within the community that the land has been bought, progress has, to date, been slow. He said that while councillors had seen a draft plan, nothing had been shown to the community.