WEATHER: Icy roads throughout Kildare as temperatures stay below zero

No schools closed in county

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


Icey roads throughout Kildare as temperatures stay below zero

The scene at Dunmurry Springs Golf Club near the Curragh this morning. Photo courtesy of Dunmurry Springs GC.

As temperatures around Kildare struggle to rise to zero, many roads are proving treacherous to motorists.

Thus far no schools have reported closures, unlike many parts of the rest of the country.

While main routes have been salted by Kildare County Council, backroads and estates could prove tricky for motorists who are being advised by authorities to proceed with caution. The motorways, (M4, M6, M7 and M9) are open although if you're heading west you may encounter a slowing of traffic with only one lane open in parts.

A reader sent us this picture in the early hours, showing just how cold it was.

Readers are reporting temperatures as low as minus five degrees overnight. And top temperatures expected today will be three degrees, although it will be dry, with very little wind.

There is some snow still around from the sprinkling Kildare got over the weekend, as the picture, above, from Dunmurry Springs Golf Club shows. Not surprisingly, the course remains closed today.

It will dip again tonight, well below zero, before rising considerably tomorrow, with the arrival of rain on Tuesday afternoon.

The forecast for the next 24 hours, courtesy of

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