President's wife, Sabina Higgins backs Kildare mental health support group HOPE D

Newbridge tomorrow

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


President's wife, Sabina Higgins backs Kildare mental health support group HOPE D

Sabina Higgins

The President's wife, Sabina Higgins has backed a campaign run by Newbridge based mental health support group, HOPE D.

The Kilkenny Shop in the Whitewater shopping center has chosen HOPE D as their preferred charity.

“We are delighted to announce that in support of this Mental Health initiative for December-Sabina Higgins wife of President Michael D, will arrive at the Kilkenny Shop tomorrow Saturday, December 2, and Join HOPE D committee members in promoting Mental Health,” said HOPE D spokesperson, Jim Brady.

“In the afternoon at 3pm, Brenda Donohue of RTE will join us in a similar support. Brenda a Newbridge native was delighted to be asked to support this voluntary worthy cause.” 

HOPE D  is a Kildare based charity in operation at Henry Street since 2014  which supports people who are ‘in crisis’. 

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“We believe by offering empathic services, we can remove the obstacles many individuals or families face when having to seek Mental Health assistance,” he said.

 “We are aware of the needs of people within our community, the expense of private MH services, the unfortunate long waiting lists, and in HOPE (D) we believe that when it comes to ‘Mental Health’, people need immediate assistance.”

The charity recently welcomed the Minister responsible for Mental Health Jim Daly, to view the facilities and to see first hand what the voluntary group does within the community.

“To say he was impressed is an understatement- while he could not commit to any support at this point in time, we certainly laid down a marker as to what can be done with limited donated funding. Mr Daly was accompanied by Martin Heydon T.D. and Fiona O Loughlin T. D.” he added. 

Dep O’Loughlin and Mr Daly are on the Dail select committee that deals with mental health issues.

"I would be confident we will be invited to make a submission, as a group, coming from a voluntary perspective," he said.