Pressure mounts for link road to ease congestion in Naas


Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Aldi distribution centre, Naas

Aldi distribution centre, Naas

Pressure should be exerted on supermarket giant Aldi to build a link road from its distribution centre at Jigginstown, Naas to the nearby ring road.

The new road would mean it would be no longer be necessary for many articulated vehicles to use the Newbridge-Naas Road.

That road is congested, especially in the evenings, and the lorries only add to the hold-ups, partly because the drivers depend on the willingness of motorists to allow them to access to the road.

Naas councillor Seamie Moore said that Aldi had had a “huge amount of time” to build the road and said that a roundabout on the existing was “put in to facilitate Aldi”.

Aldi has declined to comment. Cllr Moore claimed some motorists are turning back on the road and using other routes because of congestion on Newbridge Road. He stated that he was not criticising the lorry drivers in any way.

According to Kildare County Council, planning permission was granted nearly three years ago for a temporary two storey office extension to the existing regional office and distribution centre. This will expire early in 2020 and “to date Aldi have not submitted a planning application for a permanent office extension”.

KCC further said that if it granted a permanent office extension this would be conditioned to include a revised access to the distribution centre through a link road “connecting to the eastern spur of the Naas ring road.”

KCC also said that it is fully aware “of the serious traffic issue at the entrance to the Aldi, particularly at peak times. It said the link road to the ring road is “a key piece of road infrastructure which would help to disperse and reduce traffic movements at this junction.”

KCC also said a timeline when the link road will be constructed cannot be confirmed as Aldi still have to submit their planning application for a permanent office extension to KCC.

It also said that KCC currently “have no funding in place to pay for the road.”

KCC official Evelyn Wright said she expects “there will be progress” by March next.