Athy scriptwriter's film for sale on Amazon

Robbie Robinson's work is popular in the US

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


Athy scriptwriter's film for sale on Amazon

Robbie Robinson, Athy scriptwriter.

An Athy man has written and released a script for a horror film and reports that it’s selling well.

Robbie Robinson was the script-writer behind a film called ‘An Irish Exorcism’ which was popular on the film festival circuit in the US and Mexico.

“It was important to strike while the iron was hot,” Robbie told the Leinster Leader. So he has put his latest script ‘Dead Inside’ up on Amazon as a book.

“It came out in July, and has been going alright since then.” Robbie admits that it’s tough being a horror writer “on this side of the Atlantic. It’s like pushing a rock up a hill.” However, the internet, he says opens up some possibilities.

Robbie's screenplay, 'Dead Inside'

From Athy originally and still living there, Robbie studied English literature in Maynooth University and has a master’s degree in it. “So I can do burger and chips,” he joked. “I’d love to pursue my writing full time. I write a lot, but it can feel like pushing a rock up a hill."

Dead Inside is a story of three survivors of meteor storms which paralysed the planet embark on an epic quest to save mankind.