Amber flag for Kildare Town Community School

Promoting positive mental health

Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell


Amber flag for Kildare Town Community School

Sharon Heaney, Dean Morgan, John Finn, Elizabeth Urell, Kayleigh Slattery and Bernadette Prendergast

An amber flag has been awarded to Kildare Town Community School for their great efforts to promote positive mental health.

The flag will be raised on December 8 next at 11am.

The amber flag initiative aims to encourage schools to promote and actively bring about a culture change in the promotion of positive mental health within the educational system and other organisations.

“What the amber flag does is acknowledge the efforts and unite all community groups in the promotion of positive mental health,” said school spokesperson and guidance teacher Liz Urell.

It then becomes a daily topic of conversation leading to a cultural shift where mental health becomes the norm, leading to the breaking down of stigma that is associated with mental health, resulting in individuals seeking help sooner, when mental health issues arise.

“In KTCS, the guidance department ran a number of events including in-house competitions sponsored by Tesco and Kildare Village, a mental health awareness day with tips on the school PA system for students to hear, reflections on positive health in the school newsletter, workshops for senior cycle students on positive mental health and seminars for Transition Years and exam students on positive lifestyles delivered by John Lonergan.

“We are celebrating this achievement on December 8 with the raising of the flag ceremony by past students who have promoted positive health through sport and attained sports scholarships as a result and also local GAA celebrities.”