Congestion on Newbridge Road in Naas


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Congestion on Newbridge Road in Naas

The Aldi distribution centre on the Newbridge Road, Naas

Traffic congestion on the Newbridge Road in Naas must be alleviated.

Cllr Seamie Moore wants Kildare County Council to adopt measures he has come up with to “control traffic management on the overloaded and extremely busy Naas-Newbridge Road”.

He wants a link road from the Aldi distribution centre, off the Newbridge Road, to the ring road leading to Millennium Park.

This would do away with the need for heavy goods vehicles having to access the Newbridge Road when arriving at or, more importantly, leaving the facility. “The trucks need to get out safely but at the moment the situation can be dangerous,” Cllr Moore said when highlighting the problem previously, three months ago.

It's understood KCC sold 3.7 acres of land to Aldi to facilitate the construction of the link road and a legal notice informing councillors in Naas of the plan to dispose of the side was was issued over two years ago.

As well as having to access the Newbridge Road, the lorry drivers then must negotiate two roundabouts in quick succession to access the main routes. Cllr Moore also wants to stop buses from parking in the area. He further wants the route off the road, frequently used by motorists seeking a shortcut, closed for that purpose.