Court fund boost for the Abbey in Clane


Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Court fund boost for the Abbey in Clane

The Abbey in Clane

Clane Community Council have had some upbeat news recently from the Court Services.

A fund set up to repair the Abbey building its uses for its monthly meetings has been promised some donations by people who may be able to avoid a criminal conviction if they make an agreed donation.

The promises donations came about at both Kilcock and Naas District Court sittings in recent times.

On October 12, a woman agreed to donate €400 to the Clane Abbey Repair Fund after being found in possession of cannabis at the Knockin Stockan Festival near Blessington.

In another case, a young Newbridge man agreed to pay €500 to the Repair Fund.

Previous a man agreed to pay €700.

The money is paid through either solicitors representing the people involved or through the Court staff.

Last week, another man agreed to pay around €750.

Most of the people have until December to pay the money and the experience has been in the past that most donations are handed over.

If they are not people may end up being convicted and paying a fine, equivalent to more than the donation into the Court service.

Donations to the Court are generally dispersed over a number of causes, many benefiting young children.

In the case of Clane Community Council, any money going towards the repair fund will be well used.

Former county councillor, Tony McEvoy,said that around ten years ago an estimate was made for repair and that came to around €40,000. He told the Leader this week that estimate may be out of date now but there is an urgency to repairing some parts of the building.