Footpaths and cycleways to be provided for busy Naas school junction


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Footpaths and cycleways for Naas school

The pedestrian crossing close to the junction to the school

Long awaited footpaths, as well as cycleways are to be provided at a busy school junction in Naas.

Kildare County Council says it intends to come up with plans to upgrade facilities for pedestrians and cyclists in the Craddockstown area - where the Naas Community College (NCC) is located.

NCC is located at the building on Craddockstown Road, pending the opening of a new school - for some 1,000 students in Millennium Park.

Meanwhile there has been criticism of the failure to provide better paths and cycleways. Naas Mayor Rob Power asked for details of the plans, pointing out that development levies have been earmarked for this work. According to KCC a special contribution of €330,000 was paid by the Department of Education for the council to upgrade the Ballycane Road/Craddockstown Road junction as well a s pedestrian and cycleway improvements nearer the school.

KCC has completed a survey and a preliminary design, including a revised junction and traffic signal layout. “The next stage is the appointment of a consulting engineer to complete the detailed design with the aim of avoiding land take and to take into account underground and overhead services.”