Clane barber shop unveils eye-catching wall mural


Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Clane barber shop unveils eye-catching wall mural

Dom Browne with is Clane mural

Barber Dave Kelly has at last got the attention of his customers.

He was getting tired of everyone looking down at mobile phones and looked around to create something which might attract their attention.

He decided to turn to his well-travelled artist friend Dom Browne, to provide a solution.

Dom, a Kildare town native, is a professional artist.

He has painted all over Europe — in the Alps, Prague, Vienna and Berlin.

On September 29, one of his latest works was unveiled, a mural in Dave’s Barber Shop in Clane, just off the Main Street. It features a portrayal of Johnny Depp as film character Edward Scissorhands, plus other well-known faces clutching hairdressing implements.

We tracked down Dave no bother recently, but Dom was a different story until we got him last Thursday — sitting, he told us, in front of a beer in Berlin, discussing a possible job in Prague shortly.

Dom describes himself as a bit of a vagabond, but he is loving his travelling lifestyle.

It will be even better if a German court gives the owner of the Happy Go Lucky hostel in Berlin permission to retain Dom’s artwork on the front of the building, rather than turning it back to grey.

That case is coming up soon. If the owner is allowed to keep the front, it will open other doors for Dom.

“We have done a survey on the reaction to the Berlin work and 95% of people were positive to it,” he said.

The owner has made some changes, as requested, and Dom is hopeful that the court will back the retention of the mural. There has been a lot of media publicity on the hostel front — he has work done on the inside too — and he has appeared on television and in newspapers to talk about it.

Dom’s mural-creating life has been humming along for some time now. “I am living off it but I am not wealthy,” he said. He won a mural painting competition in 2012, and things took off from there.

“Dave is fantastic,” said Dom, delighted to have worked on the barbers’ wall.

“Everyone loved it,” said Dave. “Some people don’t get it but they still love it.”

He said that most people coming into the shop thought it was a poster.