Kildare Fire Service urge public to stay safe this Hallowe'en

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Jenny Dillon


Jenny Dillon


Kildare Fire Service urge public to stay safe this Hallowe'en

File photo of a bonfire via Pixabay

Kildare Fire service and Kildare County Council are urging the public to stay safe this coming Hallowe’en.

Celine Barret, Chief Fire Officer of Kildare Fire Services says; “The Fire Service wants people to stay safe and enjoy Hallowe’en. We encourage people to have fun, but avoid dangerous bonfires.”

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She said both bonfires and fireworks pose a huge amount of risks and dangers for those nearby and more and more accidents are occurring every Hallowe’en, leading to tragic injuries.

It’s one of the busiest times for the fire services and responding to callouts due to bonfires can put a strain on existing resources. 

The Fire Service’s Top tips for a safe Hallowe’en include – Keep Hallowe’en costumes away from naked flames; Use battery operated lights within homemade lanterns and decorations instead of candles; Do not leave material around that may be taken and used for a bonfire such as petrol, white spirits, diesel, aerosols, batteries, tins of paint and tyres; Do not facilitate illegal bonfires or firework displays on or near your home or property; and contact the Fire Brigade by calling 999 or 112 if you see a bonfire alight close to buildings, trees, overhead cables, underground services or parking areas.

To dispose of waste items, members of the public are strongly advised to go to the two recycling centres in Kildare; Gallows Hill, Athy (tel: 059 864 0657) and Silliot Hill, Kilcullen (tel: 045 482229).

This includes timber, mattresses, tyres and gas bottles.