INTERVIEW: Sarah Peppard speaks to Adrian Mee from Maynooth - one half of 'dream pop' duo Telephone Explosions


Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


Maynooth band Telephone Explosions set to play Electric Picnic

Telephone Explosions

They only formed around Autumn of 2016, but Maynooth band Telephone Explosions have enjoyed a successful first year.

The pairing of Dolores Fogarty and Adrian Mee released their debut single Pocket in January last, and played the massive Electric Picnic in September.

So where did it all begin?

“Well actually, Dolores and I are a couple, we’re married so that’s how we know each other.

“We were both musicians anyway, and we had sort of said for years ‘oh we should do something together, and then it finally happened when we started writing songs together.

“I would have been a musician since I was a child but I wouldn’t have been in a band before.

“Dolores was in a band called Hummingbird.”

The couple have been together about 12 years.

Dolores is originally a Tipp woman, hailing from Thurles, but Adrian somehow managed to convert her to a Lilywhite.

“We started recording around this time last year, we recorded the song Pocket and we put it out at the beginning of this year.”

Adrian said the band have gotten good feedback on their songs so far.

“People seem to like it, we’ve had some positive responses. And as you know we were offered Electric Picnic.

“We played on the Body & Soul stage, the Body & Soul people just contatced us out of the blue but we read in an interview that basically they just listened for local bands around the country and picked ones they liked.

“It was very good, we had to get some other musicians involved so we got Becca Carroll on keys and harmony vocals, and Helen Holligan on base, so it went well.”

Adrian added the atmosphere at Electric Picnic was very cool.

“We were all excited. That was the first big gig we done. We’ve played in Maynooth before.”

Outside of music, the pair are both working full-time, so how does music fit in?

“It can be tricky at times, we sort of have to make time in the evenings and sometimes on weekends to practice and to write.”

But there are big things to come for the band, as they plan to release their debut album early next year.

“That’s what we’re working on a the moment. The tracklist hasn’t been finalised yet, but we do have most of it written at this point I think.”

It’s been a quick year for them both.

“Being offered Electric Picnic that did light up a lot of fire.”


The band fall into the ‘Dream Pop’ genre, so what gave them the inspiration?

“It’s a lot of the music that we like. We sort of touch on a few different genres, but it was natural for us.

“For myself, I think Nick Drake and REM sort of influenced me.”

What can we expect from the new album?

“Some things will be a little bit more electronic, maybe some will be a bit folky.”

The band have played a couple of gigs locally, but only have the one gig coming up in The Model in Sligo.

“We would like to play in Maynooth again soon though.”

Watch this space — there are big things to come for Telephone Explosions!