Calls for vacant Curragh Camp houses to be put to use

Repair and leasing scheme

Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


Calls for vacant Curragh Camp houses to be put to use

The Curragh Camp

Independent Councillor Joanne Pender has called on Kildare County Council to investigate the possibility of using vacant housing at the Curragh camp, to combat the housing crisis.

A motion was raised at the Kildare Newbridge Municipal District meeting held in Naas on Wednesday September 20.

Councillor Pender asked the council to look into entering an agreement with the Department of Defence to use some of the vacant houses under the repair and leasing scheme.

She said “at least 20 houses could be used” for social housing that would really help solve the problem, given the extent and seriousness of the housing crisis.

She added that it doesn’t make any sense not to actively look into using the empty houses.

She said responses in the past have put the lack of action down to funding and security issues.

Fine Gael Councillor Mark Stafford said he supported the motion, and added that reasons should be called on by the Department of Defence why these units are being left idle.

He said the Department should offer “alternative buildings or houses” if vacant Curragh camp houses cannot be used.

Independent Councillor Morgan McCabe said the Department of Defence are the issue here. “Our military people have their hands tied behind their back”, he said.

A representative from Kildare County Council said the Department of Defence will be contacted regarding this.

A report issued said “the housing section will send an application form for the Repair and Leasing Scheme to the Department of Defence.