Generous donations save Kildare based Huskie Rescue Centre from closure

Over €6,500 donated towards €14,500 vet bills

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Generous donations save Kildare based Huskie Rescue Centre from closure

Andy Cullen at the Huskie Rescue Centre

Donations of over €6,500 came flooding in last weekend to save the Dublin Huskie Rescue Centre at the Curragh from the brink of closure.

“It's amazing. We issued the appeal last Thursday and the response was unbelievable. It really took off,” said Andy Cullen from the Dublin Huskie Rescue Centre at Friarstown.

He is hugely grateful for all the support it received, and the donations that help keep the centre afloat.

“We had a vet bill of €14,500 so the donations take a huge weight off us, we still owe money but we hope to continue to work on it,” he said.

The centre currently has 40 dogs, most of whom are Huskies. It is currently seeking volunteers to walk the dogs and brush their coats, as well as cleaning the kennels/stables.

“If anyone can help us out with concrete, gravel or hardcore, that would also be really appreciated,” said Andy.

If anyone would like to foster or adopt a dog, they can contact the centre through their Facebook page.

Some pitbulls, lurchers and other breeds have also been rehomed by the centre in Sweden.

Andy believes that education and neutering is the key to ensure the number of these breeds being abandoned are reduced.

The centre has saved the lives of up to 450 Huskies since it was set up, taken from the pounds throughout Ireland.

The volunteers get 15-20 surrender requests a week.

As he issued the appeal last week, Andy wrote: “We hate begging but it's come to the stage that we've no choice. We need help and we need it now. We know people are stuck for money but whether it's €5 or €500 it will go an awful long way. Please help us help them.”

You can find out more by going onto the DHR Facebook page.