Newbridge Tidy Towns calls on council to extend Liffey Linear Park

Urged to buy land

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Newbridge Tidy Towns calls on council to extend Liffey Linear Park

The Green flag being raised at the Liffey Linear Park

Newbridge Tidy Towns Association is calling on Kildare County Council to buy additional land to extend the Liffey Linear Public Park in Newbridge.

Currently the association maintain the seven-acre park with support from the Council.

“Newbridge is now the largest town by population in the county and will continue to expand as the building of new residential developments are being approved by the Council,” said the association.

“Urban parks and open spaces play a major part in providing recreational facilities and so called 'chill out' spaces where residents and visitors can relax, take a walk, enjoy a safe play area with their children.

“Parks are especially important now as government policy is encouraging more people to reside in towns and urban areas.”

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The association is of the opinion that the current park needs to be expanded to cater for the needs of a rapidly expanding town population. It said there is a lack of public open space along the northern side of the river, and it is now calling on the council to purchase additional land on the opposite bank of the Liffey from the area known as the “Strand”.

“This land is currently zoned open space and amenity and the provision of a pedestrian/cycle bridge here would link both sides of the Liffey while providing extra land to develop as a town park. This extension is in keeping with the objectives of the Local Area Plan for Newbridge,” it said.

The association see this proposal as an opportunity to providing a linkage to the town centre from the northern bank of the Liffey, facilitate the future development of the town park for future generations.

“It would also provide an opportunity for new extended walking routes, safe cycle lanes and a 'greenway' to the town centre, and possibly cater for park and stride for school children attending local schools,” it added.

“The Green Flag award winning Liffey Linear Park is a wonderful asset for the town, but is simply too small to cater for the requirement of a growing population of Newbridge.”

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