New life for Sallins man after blood pressure check

Lucky discovery

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


New life for Sallins man after blood pressure check

Bob Mulvaney. Photo: Tony Keane

A Sallins man is counting his lucky stars that he went for a blood pressure check last year.

“We had a cluster meeting for the Men’s Shed in Sallins which was visited by Irish Heart's Mobile Health Unit,” says Bob Mulvaney. He got his checked and it was 179 over 90, which was “high, but they told me not to be panicking”.

He went for a follow up visit to his GP two weeks later and he was put on blood pressure tablets.

Bob told the Leinster Leader that he developed “terrible cramps in my legs a few weeks later”.

He ended up getting stents in his legs which has improved his quality of life hugely.

“And this all came about because I got myself checked.

“Otherwise I’d still be plodding away.”

But these days, he says there’s “not a bother” on him.

“I couldn’t walk 10 metres without being in pain. Now that’s all charged. I’ve been to Croke Park since.

“That used to be a struggle, and now it’s a pleasure.”

Surprisgingly Bob says that he wasn’t aware that he wasn’t in great health until the mobile unit appeared.

“Four of us got it done and I was the only one who turned out with the high blood pressure.”

The 60-year-old who is retired said that the greatest thing he got from the test and the procedure that followed is “peace of mind”.