Shan Tynan rescued and taken to hospital despite Texan floods

Newbridge mum grateful for support

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Shan Tynan rescued and take to hospital despite Texan floods

Shan in hospital yesterday

Eighteen year-old Carlow woman, Shan Tynan managed to get to hospital yesterday with the help of two friends in a truck, who braved the Hurricane Harvey flood waters. 

Shan, whose mother Leona is from Newbridge, traveled to the United States to receive treatment at the Texas Childrens Hospital.

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She spoke to Sean O’Rourke on RTE yesterday and gave an update on his show this morning. 

Leona told how two friends managed to get Shan to the hospital in a truck,, and it was lucky they got her there when they did as her platelets were very low. 

Her grandmother is with her in hospital as she continues her treatment, while her mum and siblings remain in the apartment surrounded by the floods.

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Leona said they will have to stay there for the meantime as it isn’t safe to go out. She is keeping in touch with her daughter through Facetime. 

On facebook Leona wrote yesterday: “So grateful Shan is now at Texas Children's Hospital and we are so grateful for all your support! A big shout out to Danny and Charles for getting Shan to the hospital safely.”

“So relieved she will be out of danger and can get treatment!!! Thank you all so, so very much for helping us! Myself Stephen and Sophie will stay inside and become board game professionals until this storm passes, we are all safe! xxxx We will update on Shan as soon as we know more xx”

 Shan underwent her last bout of chemotherapy treatment on August 18, but was unwell in the aftermath of this.

Her mother Leona told RTE Radio yesterday that the appalling weather conditions had left them stranded in their apartment as they awaited an air lift to the hospital.

The apartment block where they were accommodated was surrounded by five feet of water and the building was being battered by rain and wind - even though they were living four floors up.

The view outside the apartment yesterday

Part of Shan’s treatment involves blood transfusions and there was uncertainty about how she was going to be transported to the hospital, possibly by helicopter.

Shan is also accompanied by her grandmother, a retired nurse as well as Leona’s other children Stephen (11) and Sophie (6).

Shan went to Houston for treatment for a rare cancer condition at an estimated cost of €500,000 and following a fundraising appeal over €735,000 was generated to give her a chance at life.

Hurricane Harvey was described as an 800 year event which left 30,000 people needing shelter.