Lock your car tonight! Kildare Garda warning

One in five cars left open for thieves

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh



Lock your car tonight! Garda warning

Gardai have issued a warning.

Gardai are warning car owners to be careful to lock their car doors at night.

It follows a spate of more than 20 thefts from vehicles in the last three days in the Naas, Sallins and Johnstown areas.

A Garda source revealed that they believe two people are simply walking from car to car checking them to see if they’re open, and if there’s anything in them.

He said that they had considered if the thieves had some new technology to open cars, but are more inclined to believe that people are simply leaving their cars open.

“They’re getting a success rate of one in five car owners,” a Garda source estimated.

“You know how it could happen, people getting the kids and shopping out of the car, keys between their teeth and it just slips their mind.”

So far, nothing of huge value has been stolen from the affected cars.

“The cars are being ransacked and rummaged through. Some smaller personal items are being taken, like sunglasses and the like.”

The thefts have occurred after 10pm each night this week.

“Yesterday morning we were out investigating a case in Johnstown and as we drove along we could see three more, where papers and things had been thrown out of the car.”

And Gardai have issued a warning to people to make sure their cars are locked this evening.