Kildare phrases for beginners

For newcomers and visitors alike

Kildare phrases for beginners

I seen dah - I saw that

I done dah - I did that

Deh biys - The men

Did ya back any winners today? - traditional greeting

Axe or axed - to ask or asked

Cousint - as in 'me cousint' - ‘my cousin’ in parts of west Kildare

Dunkey - donkey

Herse - horse

Redisent - resident

Dey have a lad goh for dah - a man has been arrested on suspicion of participation in an alleged particular offence

Plank a bagger - to lay wooden planks in front of a bagger, a Bord na Mona machine, and thus prevent it from sinking.

Sprag a left - turn left

Tick - stubborn

Feerse tick - very stubborn

Ay-zee riz - inclined towards bad temper

White settler - a blow-in from another part of Ireland

Shockin' nice lad - a good man

Dem biys is - those men are

Sound - the seal of approval

Class - an older form of sound

Shelbyville - Naas, according to Newbridge folk who watch too much of the Simpsons

Mixed marriage – me Ma was Moorefield, me Da was Sarsfields

Dat chap dere - a man whose name I can't recall

My woman - my wife/partner

Colin Biyce - a solicitor

Jarred - drunk

Deh biys is jarred - the men are drunk

Steamin' - drunk

Steamed ouh-hov-eh - sleep brought on by excessive alcohol consumption

Out foreign - somewhere other than Ireland

Childer - children

Be-deh-hokey - expression of surprise

Deh paypur - Leinster Leader