Hurlers demolish a poor Rossie side with consumate ease

KILDARE hurlers, just like their footballcounterparts made it three wins on the trot when they demolished Roscommon by 5-19 to 1-13 inRound 3 of the Allianz HL on Sunday.

KILDARE hurlers, just like their footballcounterparts made it three wins on the trot when they demolished Roscommon by 5-19 to 1-13 inRound 3 of the Allianz HL on Sunday.

Kildare: 5-19

Roscommon: 1-13

The visitors took control fromthe word go with points from Tony Murphy, Paul Divilly and Conor Kenny and when Murphy goaled after ten minutes to make it 1-3 to 0-1, the writing was already on the wall.

The home side however did have their opportunities but ten wides hardly helped their casue in the opening period.

A long range effort from Richie Hoban saw the Lilies increase their lead. Kildare were threatening to find the Roscommon net on numersou occasions but found the home keeper, Davaid Dowd difficult to pass but eventually the seocnd arrived on thehalf hour,this time Paul Divilly making no mistake from a 21 yard free.

Roscommon did add four before the break but that was matched by Kildare to leave the half time score reading Kildare 2-8 Kildare 0-6. David Dolan and Declan Nolan doing the business for the Rossies while David harney and Kieran Divilly returnign the favour for Kildare.

On the resumption Kildare continued their dominance and a quick goal from David Harney put aid to any faint homes the home side might have had.

The Lilies were totally dominant at this stage and tagged on three more points from Conor Kenny, Richie Hoban and Tony Murphy to leavit it 3-11 to 0-8.

That lead was further increased with points from Leo Quinn (two) and Kieran Divilly to leave the score board reading Kilare 3-15 Roscommon 1-10 after 55 minutes.

Willie Sunderland at this stage decided to give his subs a run and Gerry Keegan took full advantage of the opportunity goaling soon after his introduciton.

Martin Fitzgerald got onto the scoring sheet with a fine goal just after a great point from Paul Divilly as Kildare continued to dominate practically all over the field and but for the heroics of the Roscommon goalkeeper would have had t least three more goals to their credit.

Roscommon did have the final says when they added 1-1 in the dying minutes but at that stage the game had been well and truly won a rampant Kildare side.

Kildare boss, Willie Sunderland while happy with the overall display was still somewhat annoyed with his side conceding a couple of late scores.

“Some people might say that “we scored 5-19 against 1-13 so what more of a killer-instinct do you want from us? But my response however is that I am looking beyond, and no disrespect to the teams that we have and are going to play, but I am looking beyond the league and into a Christy Ring Cup where I think the game is going to be played at a different level.

“And that’s what I want our guys to aspire to, to play the game at a different level so that when we come out of the league we are going to hit the first round of the Christy Ring against Derry playing the game at the level that we require to be at in order to be successful in that competition.

“But you won’t get away with missing those kinds of chances that we did today, but look, there was at least ten goal scoring chances today, maybe a bit more. It’s hard to be in a situation where you are completely happy with everything from a game.

“It (league) hasn’t amounted to much so far and people tell me that I am too hard on the players and the team. There are people who are a lot closer to the scene in the last few years then I have been, those same people who are telling me that there are strides and improvements being made by the team.

“And if that is the case then I will gladly take that on board but I believe, from looking at last year when we got to a semi final of the Christy Ring Cup where we were beaten by Wicklow, that is the level of performance and intensity that I am looking to get from this team on a regular basis.”


Kildare, David Harney 1-3, Paul Divilly 1-3 (1-2f), Tony Murphy 1-2, Gerry Keegan 1-1, Conor Kenny 0-3, Martin Fitzgerald 1-0, Richie Hoban 0-2f, Leo Quinn 0-2, Kieran Divilly 0-2, Mark Moloney 0-1; Roscommon: David Dolan 0-7 (5f, 1 ’65), Cillian Egan 1-0, Declan Nolan 0-2, John Coyne 0-2, Shane Curley 0-1 ’65, Michael Kelly 0-1f.


Paul Dermody; Paudie Reidy, Fiachra O Muineachain, John Doran; John O’Malley, Richie Hoban, Neil O Muineachain; Kieran Divilly, Mark Moloney; Conor Kenny, David Harney, Paul Divilly; Martin Fitzgerald, Tony Murphy, Leo Quinn. Subs: Eanna O’Neill for O’Malley (HT); Gerry Keegan for Murphy (47 mins); David Kennedy for Kenny (55 mins); Pa Curtin for Fiachra O Muineachain (61 mins); Dave Smith for Harney (65 mins).


David Dowd; Darren Fallon, Padraig Kelly, Shane Curlsey; Niall Keenan, Michael Kelly, David Flaherty; Tomas Seale, Alan Moore; Eamon Mulry, John Coyne, Declan Nolan; Eamon Kenny, Gerry Fallon, David Dolan. Subs: Jamie Lawlor for Kenny (31 mins); Kevin Connolly for Kelly (blood-sub, 33 mins); Kevin Connolly for Seale (HT); Brendan Kelly for Fallon (39 mins); Cillian Egan for Flaherty (39 mins); Declan Dowling for Keenan (65 mins).


Shane Hourigan (Limerick).