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You might remember I wrote about Beatrice, the emaciated pregnant do gthat arrived at the shelter over ten weeks ago who gave birth to nine healthy puppies.

You might remember I wrote about Beatrice, the emaciated pregnant do gthat arrived at the shelter over ten weeks ago who gave birth to nine healthy puppies.

Beatrice proved to be a super mother and really did herself and her puppies proud. She met their every need along with a helping hand from our wonderful volunteers. T

he puppies are now nine weeks old and we reach the first hurdle we cannot meet on our own. Vaccinations, micro chipping and other treatments are multiplied nine times. We recently introduced each of the nine puppies to our Facebook and website followers.

We would like to introduce them to you our good readers also in the hope you will take one to your heart and contribute to his/her care. A certificate of care giving will be sent to all who take part.

Here is a brief description of each puppy:

Alfie - He is just a big happy, sleepy puppy. He comes to life at meal times, he has to be woken for all other activities.

Diva - Diva by name, Diva by nature. This girl always cheers me up when I spend time with her. She is full of life and demands cuddles and rubs. If she doesn’t get her own way she sits in the middle of the floor and howls. It very funny to see a very young puppy do this. We love her Diva ways.

Lara - She is one of the cutest of the bunch. She sits there looking at you with her pretty eyes while you fix her bed and get her breakfast ready. Her eyes would melt anyone’s heart. We reckon she gets her great looks from her beautiful mother.

Rose - Sweet little Rose is a darling. She’s the shyest of the bunch. She is very content on letting her bigger and bolder brothers and sisters run ahead of her because she knows she will still get the same food and love as the others. She has stolen the hearts of some our volunteers.

Elf - She is the smallest and sweetest of the bunch. Her two brothers and six sisters are nearly double her size but that doesn’t stop her. She’s as brave and as playful as they are.

Cindy - The cheeky one of the group. A little minx at that. She’s always finding herself in the middle of trouble but just look at her innocent face. It’s very easy to forgive.

Lucy - The energetic girl of the bunch. There is nothing more she loves than running around like a little whirl wind playing with her brothers and sisters. She’s always picking up the new toy first and giving it a try before letting the others have a play.

Holly - Holly is the adventurer of the litter. She loves nothing more than to explore and smell all the new things around her. She’s also very photogenic.

Fagan - Meet Fagan, the last to be named of Beatrice`s nine puppies. Fagan and Alfie are way outnumbered in this litter. They have to contend with seven sisters and their mother. They tend to have each other’s back but the girls seem to win every time. Fagan has one of the shiniest and smoothest coats out of all the gang. This guy walks with style and confidence. Fagan is one handsome hound.

If you would like to help towards any of Beatrice` puppies care then you can send your donation to Kildare Animal Foundation, South Green Road, Kildare Town or you can use the PayPal button on our website We thank you for your support.

Dan Donoher of Kildare Animal Foundation writes the weekly Pet Rescue column in the Leinster Leader