Volkswagen Golf Match

1974 was a very tough year in history.

1974 was a very tough year in history.

There was a worldwide recession that deepened during the year. The price of petrol and diesel rose to its highest and a worldwide shortage of fuel took hold.

The US took action by having daylight savings time moved by 4 months but that didn’t stop people queuing for petrol as the stations ran dry.

In the UK miners went on strike for higher wages. Cyclone Tracey almost destroyed Darwin in Australia and West Germany won the World Cup which, indecently was held in West Germany.

Through all this VW launched the first incarnation of the Golf.

Fast forward some 33 years and history is repeating itself all over again. The price of fuel is at an all time high and there’s a worldwide recession and with all this we still have the Golf.

Almost every generation of the Golf set the standard for the C-segment. In the middle of it’s history it got a bit of middle age spread and turned into a bit of a lumpen old man car but now it’s very much back on form.

At some point in your life you’ll own a c-segment car. It’s that 5-door hatchback that we all have whether it be your first car, a car you downsize too or the retirement runabout.

Sooner or later you’ll find you need one. That’s when you’ll find that the choice is simply massive because every car maker has a version to try and tempt you in the door of the local dealer. Here’s why the Golf Match should be at the top of your shopping list.

The Match is a variant of the standard Golf and it might as well be made for the Irish market because it has almost everything you need in a car as standard.

You get all the stuff from the Trendline model plus alloy wheels, really comfy seats, Bluetooth, spot lamps and loads more. As usual with the Golf the cabin is very well put together and extremely quiet, it’s the cabin to measure all cabins by.

Although the engine range starts at 1.2 TFSi petrol, I had the 1.6 TDi unit which, considering the size of the engine is very smooth and quiet when on the move.

It puts out 105bhp or you can have the 90bhp version which won’t be as smooth but will still get you around. Whichever you choose it’ll be economical, my 105bhp did close to 1000kms before needing fuel.

The Golf has grown up, matured but still sets the trend when it comes to the style of the market. VW got this version of the Golf just right. There’s room enough inside for five adults and the boot will happily take anything you throw at it.

There’s a new Golf due to be unveiled in the Paris motor show this year and I do hope they don’t change it much.

Prices for the Golf start at €20,995 for the petrol but the one you want is the 1.6 105bhp version for €24,860.

Plus, just for comfort add cruise control and parking sensors for about nine hundred Euro. You don’t need them but nice to have all the same.

You can test the Golf at Michael Moore car sales 057 86 24102 where I’m sure they’ll do you a good deal.

- Tested by Bob Flavin