Ditching the razor for a good cause

“So who wants to do Movember for us?”

“So who wants to do Movember for us?”

All eyes turn to me. Oh, the joys of being an intern.

I suppose it’s a more masculine pursuit than my time spent as Rose of Tralee correspondent. Plus it’s for a good cause. Which makes it impossible to really feel bad about doing it.

Since it was 1 November, I went home and shaved that evening. I’d rather have shaved every other part of my body and left the face alone. Well, stiff upper lip and all that.

The purpose of Movember is to raise awareness about men’s health and raise funds for prostate cancer initiatives. And to be honest, like a lot of young men, I don’t consider men’s health issues as much as I should do.

Movember participants are supposed to start the 1 November clean shaven and not shave their upper lip until the end of the month.

Despite my initial lack of enthusiasm, looking at the figures, it’s difficult not to get behind it.

In 2011, Movember raised €92.4m globally, an increase of €37.5m from the previous year. The total raised in Ireland was €1.7m.

At the time of writing, almost 11,000 Irish people have registered for this year’s Movember and together raised over €100,000.

Suddenly I don’t care that I can’t grow a decent moustache in a month and that my housemates are sure to laugh. What does that really matter?

So on Monday I finally registered with Movember and set up my profile. There’s no turning back now.

For updates on my mo’s progress (mogress?) or to make a donation, visit mobro.co/liamgodinho