Kildare bachelor boys need your vote

Four young Kildare men are looking for your votes as they battle it out to become the Stellar magazine Bachelor of the year.

Four young Kildare men are looking for your votes as they battle it out to become the Stellar magazine Bachelor of the year.

20 singletons from across the country are in the running for this prestigious annual award.

Newbridge man Niall Munnelly co-owns, with his brother Dominic, The Performance and Fitness Academy at Ladytown Business Park. He says he was “shocked more than anything” when he was approached to take part in the competition. “I did it for a bit of fun, a bit of a laugh. None of this stuff ever happens to me,” said the modest 30-year-old, who initially thought there had been a case of mistaken identity and the organisers were looking for his brother.

He admits he’s taking “a bit of stick” from gym goers, but got his revenge when he promised to go easier on them in return for text votes. “I told them there would be no burpees for a week if people voted for me, but they still had to do them in the end, I fooled them,” he laughed.

The fitness expert, whose hidden talent is handstand walking and who describes cheesecake as his guilty pleasure, says the competition will be good exposure for the successful gym, which opened last January.

Naas man Tim Powell, 24, was nominated by his boss at Bite Restaurant in Dublin’s South Frederick Street, where he’s a member of the floor staff.

“I wasn’t too keen at the start but he kept at me for a while, and eventually I gave in,” said Tim. But despite the slagging from his friends, he says the bachelor trail experience has been good. “I haven’t really been encouraging people to vote for me. There was talk of the lads setting up a Facebook campaign but thankfully they haven’t done that so far,” he said.

However his mum Eileen and younger sister Caroline have been hitting the campaign trail in the hope of getting Tim voted Ireland’s most eligible.

He describes his guilty pleasure as Come Dine With Me, and says the way to his heart is “by being positive”... but doesn’t understand why girls wear Uggs.

One man who has no trouble with the publicity angle is Maynooth power engineer Jeff Walsh. He’s designed vote-getting flyers featuring himself as a youngster, and has a hilarious Twitter account @JeffBachelor.

The north Kildare charmer says he’s still a bachelor because he “hasn’t met the right girl to spoil”. The 24-year-old also volunteered to build a school in Ghana last year.

The keen hurler was signed up for the awards by his housemate. He was holidaying in California when the nominees were revealed so he hasn’t yet experienced the full fame of celebrity bachelor hood, but admitted “I’d say this weekend is going to be interesting”.

Marketing executive Darren Kearney, 26, is a keen rugby player who lines out for North Kildare. He was approached at the Galway Races by the magazine team to take part ni the competition. “I was a bit shocked initially, and then I said I’d give it a go, no harm!”

Darren, who described his ultimate night in as watching the Mighty Ducks trilogy, a 16in pizza and his dog Jake, says the reaction’s been positive. “My mam Mairead has bought up half the magazines,” he said.

There is also the added bonus of a spare ticket to the glitzy awards bash on Thursday, October 11, to encourage his friends to back his campaign.

- Laura Coates