Woman who lost eight and a half stone revels in new look

A young Rathcoole woman who lost eight and a half stone, has received an amazing make over with the help of Naas based professional stylist Vivienne Dowd.

A young Rathcoole woman who lost eight and a half stone, has received an amazing make over with the help of Naas based professional stylist Vivienne Dowd.

Thirty-three year-old Michelle Moore went from 17 and a half stone to a nine stone size ten. To complete her new look, Vivienne brought her to get her hair done at Hair and Beauty in the Whitewater shopping centre on Thursday May 19. She said goodbye to her long curly hair as the stylists created a whole new sleek image.

“I never had it cut before. It was always long and curly, I had layers cut into it but that was it. I really love it,” said Michelle. Vivienne also brought Michelle around Debenhams where she picked out different styles and colours to compliment her new figure.

“It was brilliant. I really enjoyed it,” she said,” Don’t get me wrong, I love my bargains and I love shopping but I learned that I need to spend more money on one or two items of quality clothing rather than lots of cheaper ones.”

Two years, ago Michelle got to the stage where she wanted to do something about her weight. She lost two stone but didn’t go any further. She had a tough time when her brother Paul died 16 years ago and Michelle believes that may have contributed to her gaining weight.

“My family have been brilliant. They have been so supportive. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. You have to want to lose the weight yourself before you start. It’s no good other people telling you that you need to lose it. You have to be ready,” she said.

She attended Weight Watchers in Rathcoole under the guidance of Geraldine Johnston and started exercising.

“I was lazy. I walked nowhere. There is a lovely park in Rathcoole and I went there with my sister Liz. I started out with one lap, then two laps and I built it up,” she added.

When asked if she has any advice for those who want to shed a few pounds, she stressed; “Be ready and think about it. Take one day at a time. If you have a bad day, don’t worry, forget about it and get on with it. I had a few bad days but I got on with it. It’s great. I recently went to my godson’s confirmation and I didn’t have to worry about what to wear. I felt great.”

Michelle works in Avoca in Rathcoole where the final reveal for her make over took place. Friends, family and work colleagues joined together on the Thursday evening to toast her new look.

“It was a great day. I can not believe Vivienne picked me for the make over. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to her. She was fantastic. I am speechless,” said Michelle.

She is now looking forward to her holidays and dressing up for an up coming wedding.

Debbie, Niamh, Sandra and Michelle from Hair and Beauty did Michelle’s hair and make up. Debenhams at the Whitewater shopping center looked after the clothes while Millbrook press made the life size poster. Vivienne has a diploma in fashion and styling from Limperts Academy of Design and is adding millinery skills to her portfolio.