Pet Rescue: A foxy week at Kildare Animal Foundation

It’s been a very “foxy” week for us at the shelter.

It’s been a very “foxy” week for us at the shelter.

Last Friday week our very first fox cub of the year arrived. A lady had found her when she was just a few days old.

The vixen was most likely moving her cubs when she got scared and dropped one of them.

The little cub was cold and hungry when found so it was clear her mother was not going to return. The lady cared for the cub night and day for the following three weeks.

She then realised she could not meet the cub’s needs as it grew bigger and asked us to take her.

We then received a call on Wednesday about two cubs that were on railway tracks in Dublin City centre.

We called the DSPCA for help and they sent one of their ambulance drivers out to the scene.

There, she found two four-week old cubs curled up on the side of the train tracks.

The staff at the station were very helpful and kept the lady safe as she climbed down to the cubs’ rescue.

They were in shock and one of them is suffering from a chest infection.

They were brought back to the DSPCA`S veterinary clinic where they will stay for a couple more days. Once fit enough to travel, they will come to the shelter.

Then late on Saturday night, a call came in from a man in Dublin who had found an injured vixen the week previous.

She was close to death when he found her and rushed her to the vets.

They tried to save her but were unable to.

On examination, the vet found that the vixen was lactating and must have had young cubs somewhere.

For a whole week, the man searched everywhere for any sign of cubs. It wasn’t till day eight, that a tiny cub was found close to where the mother was found.

The cub was calling and stumbling all over the place. It was so dehydrated and weak it was barely able to stand.

The man’s neighbour immediately brought the cub to him and then he called us for help.

Luckily, we have a volunteer in that area and she went out to pick the very sick cub up.

She was extremely concerned for the tiny cub and rang the emergency vet.

The very kind vet met her and the cub at 12am. He treated her with fluids to rehydrate her.

The vet not only gave up his time but also didn’t charge a penny.

Our volunteer cared for the little cub overnight and drove down with her the following morning.

The cub is making a slow but steady recovery. These are four of the very lucky animals we have helped to save this week…

Dan Donoher of Kildare Animal Foundation writes the weekly ‘Pet Rescue’ column in the Leinster Leader.