Liam’s Mo Bro Challenge - last chance to raise cash for men’s cancer charities

With only a few days to go in Movember, it’s time for me to step up my efforts.

With only a few days to go in Movember, it’s time for me to step up my efforts.

Not my moustache growing efforts, obviously (it’s just not going to happen) but rather on the fundraising and awareness raising side.

Until now I’ve only asked people to donate via email and Facebook and I haven’t chased after people who promised to donate but haven’t done so yet.

My private goal was to raise as much or more than Leinster Mo Bros captain Jamie Heaslip, whose moustache was recently voted Ireland’s favourite in an 11850 poll. With several donations still to come, it’s still an achievable target. But I don’t want people to donate simply because they know me and feel obliged to do so. I would prefer if they thought about what they are actually donating to.

Recently I saw a clip from an episode of RTE’s The Craig Doyle Show, on which retired Welsh footballer John Hartson was a guest.

Hartson previously suffered from Testicular Cancer and so Doyle asked him to lead the men in the audience in checking themselves for any signs of Testicular Cancer.

It was an incredible bit of television that gave me a lot more respect for Craig Doyle. Men simply don’t talk to each other about issues such as that. There are plenty of men out there who would never think to perform the simple check that could be life-saving. So while I would like to see as much money as possible raised for the Irish Cancer Society, it would be a much greater achievement to get more men to start taking their health seriously.

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