Rescued from the roadside

Last week saw the arrival of two very poorly and emaciated puppies at Kildare Animal Foundation.

Last week saw the arrival of two very poorly and emaciated puppies at Kildare Animal Foundation.

We received a call after a man had found them down a bog lane on Wednesday evening. He seen them lying in the grass verge as he drove past. The puppies were lying still and didn’t move an inch till he approached; they wagged their tails at the kind stranger’s face. He picked up the two bags of bones that were in front of him and brought them home.

After calling us and making an appointment to come to the shelter, the man brought the puppies to us last Thursday. We were shocked at the sight of the two tiny seven week old puppies that arrived.

By the looks of them they had never been wormed in their short little lives as both had huge bellies caused by a massive worm burden, making them ill and lethargic. They were riddled with fleas and mites which had caused a skin reaction resulting in them losing hair and their skin becoming itchy and sore. The male was so thin that his spine and every bone in his body could be seen and felt, the female was not much better.

They were promptly brought to our vets to be giving a full health check and to be treated for their conditions, all of which were caused by pure neglect. Once they were discharged from the vet’s, one of our kind volunteers brought them home so they could be monitored constantly. They enjoyed a nice cool bath with medicated shampoo to ease the inflammation.

The puppies slept constantly over the following two days waking only to eat and go to the toilet. After day two they started to feel much better and started to gently play together. They have such sweet little personalities which will shine more as they recover. With good quality food and regular feeding, along with lots of love and attention, these two little mites will come on in leaps and bounds over the next few weeks.

They have already started to put on weight and have now stopped scratching. These have been through so much in their short lives they will now hopefully grow into beautiful dogs.

The likes of these defenceless little puppies and the hundreds of sick, injured and abused animals we see each year is what our shelter is all about and why were are here, doing our very best each and every single day to help them.